Restorative youth justice through accountability and healing

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OYCR’s Role

OYCR is guiding the transition from state-run youth incarceration to county care by identifying and sharing best practices to help inform rehabilitative and restorative youth support and offering technical assistance to advise those in the space on how to achieve outcomes and system improvements for youth across the justice system.


OYCR was established in July 2021 through SB 823 (Chapter 337, Statutes of 2020).



Join us to reduce the justice involvement of youth.


Teenagers having fun together.

The Youth Bill of Rights summarizes the rights of all young people who are confined in a juvenile justice facility in California.

The Office of Youth and Community Restoration (OYCR) Ombudsperson Division published an age-appropriate, youth- and family-friendly version of the Youth Bill of Rights for posting and distribution to youth in California juvenile facilities. You can access the document in English and Spanish by clicking the buttons below.

If you think your rights are being violated or you are experiencing harmful conditions, you, your family or friends can file a complaint by calling 1 (844) 402-1880 or submitting a complaint via our General Complaint Form.

OYCR’s Approach & Research


Shifting from Punishment to Accountability and Healing

Research shows that youth involved in the justice system who remain within their communities are more prepared for their transition back into their community and to achieve their educational and career goals. OYCR collects and shares juvenile justice data and best practices to inform healing and restorative youth practices and support the development of strong county programs.